Privacy policy


Our prvacy policy's summary is that we don't abuse any user's information. This application will send a message on every webpage changed to our app's background js file from local storage which popup javascript saved. The message is kind of a flag for choosing one of our themes. Popup javascript file send message to background to order execute javascript files to decorate with themes. With each theme executed javascript file will use client's mouse x, y position when moving mouse pointer.

Collected Data

User's x, y mouse pointer position

When users moving mouse pointer on every webpage, client.x and client.y are collected for the time decorated div tag on the web page.

User's email address

We collect users email for polls, saving user's options and etc.

How the data used

User's x, y mouse pointer position

Client.x and client.y are saved to put decorated div tag on mouse pointer's position. After the div tag delted then client.x, y data also are deleted.

User's email address

When user's logging in with extensions then emails are sent to our web server, which check user's options and send them to the extension. The option information is used in our extension.

When we share information

User's x, y mouse pointer position

Client.x and y are only saved for decorated div alive on current web page.

User's email address

Emails are saved in our web server till user's account is deleted.

How we make changes to this policy

We may change this policy on github page and when we change policy then we will notice below:
If you continue to use tailing-mouse-pootfrint then you agree with the policy. If the changes are significant, then we will notice on our extension at chrome web store.

Contact us

If you have any question then please don't hesitate to send an e-mail below:
Last Updated November 24, 2020